The club is situated in the beautiful grounds of Dorchester's Agricultural and Horticultural College, Kingston Maurward, DT2 8PY. The club has exclusive right to its 1 nearly full size and 1 half size croquet lawns, which are expertly maintained by College staff. Visitors are asked to park in the Visitors' car park and make their way through the Visitors Centre entrance to the gardens. The excellent staff will direct players to the lawns, and croquet players will not be charged an entry fee. The club has a well stocked equipment hut but no permanent presence or communication facilities. All the usual facilities now available at great gardens open to the public are provided by the College for use of garden visitors and croquet players alike.

Kingston Maurward Agricultural and Horticultural College is just off the A35, with plenty of signs at the roundabout north of Dorchester. Visitors from other croquet clubs wishing to play should normally contact the secretary beforehand to make arrangements.