(As updated at the 2015 AGM)



The Federation shall be called "The South West Federation of Croquet Clubs" and shall be run under the auspices of the Croquet Association.




The Area of Influence of the Federation shall be Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Worcestershire and South Wales, but the Membership is not restricted to that Area.


3. AIM


The aim of the Federation shall be to provide, within the Area, a forum/focus for croquet clubs and to promote the game of Croquet.




a. Provide assistance to croquet clubs and to publicise Croquet within the Area.


b. Organise competition (or competitions) and other events in which the Membership may participate.


c. Produce a Newsletter which will be distributed according to the Membership.  This Newsletter will be produced by the 1st April each year.


d. Maintain a website




a. Every croquet club (or croquet section of larger clubs) within the Area is eligible for membership of the Federation and may become Affiliated or Associated.


b. Affiliated clubs are entitled to receive one copy of each edition of the Newsletter for each Member in respect of whom a subscription has been paid and are empowered to appoint two voting delegates (who are not members of the Federation Committee) and any number of observers to attend any General Meeting.


c. Associated clubs are entitled to receive three copies of each edition of the Newsletter, but may not enter teams in Federation competitions and are only entitled to observer status at General Meetings.


d. Private individuals may become members under the same terms as Associated clubs but will only receive one copy of the Newsletter.




a. The rates of Subscription for all classes of Membership shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting.


b. These rates of Subscription shall take effect immediately. Subscriptions are due on 1 January, payable within 30 days.


c. Member clubs wishing to resign from the Federation must inform the Secretary not later than the Annual General Meeting.  Otherwise they shall be liable for the full subscription for the following year.




a. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in or about November of each year to pass the accounts, elect Officers and Committee, appoint an auditor and to transact general business.


b. A Resolution for inclusion in the Agenda of the Annual General Meeting may be proposed either by the Committee or by a Member club (duly signed by its Secretary or delegate) and must reach the Secretary in writing not later than the 30th September.


c. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee or by a petition signed by the Secretaries of at least half of the Affiliated clubs.


d. At least four weeks notice of any General Meeting shall be given, where at least one third of the Delegates and Committee entitled to attend shall form a quorum.


e. The Committee shall have the duty to arrange the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meeting on receipt  of the requisite petition.




a. The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary, League Secretary, Treasurer, Regional Coaching Officer, Publicity Officer(s), Development Officer(s), Youth Officer and Golf Croquet Adviser, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall be members of a fully paid-up Affiliated club.  The Federation Representative to the CA Council, if not one of the preceding officers, shall be co-opted on to the Committee.


b. The Federation Representative to the CA Council shall be a member of the Croquet Association and of a South West Federation Club.  The aforesaid Representative shall be elected at an AGM, hold office for a period of 3 years, unless replaced at a prior SGM, and be eligible for re-election at the end of that period.


c. Nominations for the Committee must reach the Secretary in writing not later than the 30th September.


d. Upon election each Member of the Committee shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting unless replaced at a prior Special General Meeting but the Chairman may not be elected on more than three consecutive occasions.


e. Members of the Committee shall have their own vote at a General Meeting and, if required, the Chairman shall have an additional casting vote.


f. A vacancy on (or addition to) the Committee may be filled by co-option.  Such co-opted Members shall hold office until the next General Meeting.


g. The Committee shall meet at least twice a year, the time and place to be fixed by themselves; three Members to form a quorum, at least one of whom shall be the Chairman or the Secretary.




a. The Committee shall have the full powers to deal with the affairs of the Federation as it sees fit, subject to any Resolutions passed at a General Meeting.


b. The Committee shall be responsible for organising the activities of the Federation.


c. The Secretary shall keep full and correct minutes of all General Meetings and provide each Member club with a copy of those minutes no later than one calendar month following a General Meeting.  The Secretary shall also circulate Member clubs with any resolutions submitted for a General Meeting at least four weeks prior to that Meeting.


d. The Treasurer shall keep the accounts and transact the financial business of the Federation and shall present to the Annual General Meeting an annual Income and Expenditure Account made up to the 30th September of that year and audited by a person, not a member of the Committee, appointed to that role at a previous General Meeting.  Accounts opened by the Treasurer shall be in the name of the Federation and drawing on those accounts shall be done solely by the Treasurer except as otherwise determined by the Committee or a General Meeting.


e. The League Secretary shall be responsible for all matters relating to the organisation of leagues, tournaments and matches by the Federation. The League Secretary shall also be responsible for ensuring that all results are posted on the South West Federation website.


f.  The Regional Coaching Officer shall be a qualified CA coach, represent the Federation on the CA coaching committee and be responsible for the co-ordination of coaching throughout the Region.


g.  The Publicity Officer, functioning as Webmaster, shall be responsible for maintaining a website to promote Croquet in the South West Federation area and to publicise results of Federation fixtures. The Publicity Officer, functioning as Newsletter Editor, shall also be responsible for the production of the annual Newsletter and arrange distribution to all member clubs. The above functions may either be performed by a single Publicity Officer, or shared between more than one Publicity Officer.


h. The Development Officer(s) shall be concerned with with the development of Croquet in the South West Federation area, both by assisting new clubs to become established and by enabling existing clubs to improve their facilities. A Development Officer shall be a member of the CA Development Committee.


i. The Youth Officer shall be responsible for the development of Croquet amongst school children and students in the Region.


j. The Golf Croquet Adviser shall be responsible for looking after the interests of Golf Croquet in the Region.




The headquarters of the Federation shall be a croquet club or other venue which shall be decided upon from time to time by any General Meeting.




If at any General Meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the Federation shall be passed by more than half of the total possible number of voting delegates, then after the discharge of all liabilities, the remaining assets shall be transferred to the Croquet Association.




Any questions not provided for by this Constitution shall be decided by the Committee, whose decision shall be in force, until set aside by an adverse vote at a General Meeting.




No provision of this Constitution shall be amended, save by a Resolution voted for by a two thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote at a General Meeting.