League for Advanced Play Tables

2006 Season


Nailsea                                                                             4 4 0 23 13
Cheltenham 4 3 1 19 13
Bristol 4 2 2 20 18
East Dorset  4 1 3 10 20
Dyffryn  4 0 4 12 20
             PARKSTONE QUALIFIER     
Bath                                                                                                 4 4 0 16 12
Cedar Park 4 3 1 12 6
Bear of Rodborough  4 2 2 14 10
Cheltenham 2nd 4 1 3 8 14
Budleigh Salterton 4 0 4 6 14


Parkstone Trophy and the Qualifying Competition


During the 2003 season a few misunderstandings led to ineligible players being selected.  In order that there should be no repetition, the committee ruled that this information be circulated and in the event of an ineligible player being selected, the result of any game played by that player should be void and awarded as a win to the opposing team.


The rules state:

4c. “A club entering a team in each division of the League for Advanced Play must declare each team squad to the League Secretary before the first game of the season. Thereafter, no member of the Parkstone Trophy team may play for the Advanced League Qualifying team and no member of the Qualifying team may play more than two matches for the Parkstone Trophy team.

Un-nominated players will be assumed to be members of the squad for which they first play.”


The procedures are as outlined below:

  • Each club entering a team in the Parkstone Trophy must nominate its team squad prior to the season and no member of that squad will be permitted to play in the qualifying competition in that season.

  • When an un-nominated player who has not played in the Qualifying Section is selected for a Parkstone Trophy team he or she will become a member of the squad and become ineligible for any Qualifying Competition match.

  • An un-nominated player who has already played in the Qualifying Competition may be selected for a Parkstone Trophy team but only on two occasions in that season.  In this case, the player will not become a member of the nominated Parkstone Trophy squad.

  • In the event of an ineligible player being used in either section of this competition, the games played by that player will be awarded to the opposing team.

The rule will not only be applied to players of clubs with teams in both sections of the competition but will also be applied to players with membership of two clubs playing in the different sections of the league.